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Is Nursing A Good Major For Pre Med

Short answer: yes it's a bad idea to do a nursing major as a premed. With that being said, it usually doesn't matter much to admission committees what u majored in, but rather the quality of classes you've taken. If you do a nursing major, some of your core classes might be considered subpar difficulty level-wise for some admissions committees. Nursing is its own profession and should not be considered a „ stepping stone“ in fact many nursing courses would not be applicable as fulfilling pre med requirements as the focus and depth of study are different so you would have to retake them at the pre med level Even with these undergraduate majors, you are still eligible for acceptance to medical school as long as you complete the pre-med prerequisites. This can be a good pathway for students who decide halfway through an undergraduate degree that they’d like to go to medical school, or for students who want to stand out during the med school application process by highlighting skills in another area.

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